NVC Handbook

Successful applicants for large grants (funded at $750,000 or more) are required to appoint a National Visiting Committee (NVC). These committees are groups of advisors that work with grantees and NSF to help them achieve their goals and objectives. They assess the plans and progress of the project and report to NSF and the project leadership. Committee members also provide advice to the project staff and may serve as advocates for effective projects.

The purpose of this Handbook is to help those who are responsible for organizing an NVC, planning and conducting meetings, and for postmeeting activities. It is intended for the chairs of NVCs, the project leadership (PIs or a project coordinator), and for committee members (advisors). This handbook is a set of reminders, called checkpoints, to consider when organizing and implementing NVCs.

"Read-Ahead" Packet


Overview/Evaluation Presentations

Ann Beheler - CTC and CCTA overview

Gordon Snyder - CTC external evaluation

Catherine Oleksiw - CCTA external evaluation

Impact Presentation

WebEx Recordings

Ann Beheler overview and student panel
Gordon Snyder and Catherine Oleksiw presentations
Wednesday "Next Big Thing" discussion
>>Removed from WebEx server; ARF files available for transfer from CTC.

12:00 PM Meet and greet for working lunch – NVC Chair to outline roles and responsibilities

12:20 PM NVC only – meet for NVC Chair to outline roles and responsibilities


12:30 PM Welcome, Introductions, Format and Structure of Meeting, Overview of Convergence Technology Center, Response to Last Year’s NVC Report – Dr. Ann Beheler

1:15 PM Overview center’s work – Gordon Snyder

1:45 PM Student Panel Discussion – led by Jon Hardesty (Collin College)


2:30 PM Program Improvement (BILT, curriculum,)
Spotlight: Florida State College at Jacksonville – Ernie Friend (BILT)
Curriculum - Ann Beheler

Program Highlights

3:10 PM Professional Development and Longitudinal Data - Mark Dempsey and Helen Sullivan

3:45PM Increasing Completers (recruitment/retention, stackable certificates, articulation)
Recruitment and retention – Mark Dempsey
Dallas County Community College (El Centro) – Belicia Albornoz (recruiting and retention)
Spotlight: Collin College - Stackables – Jon Hardesty
Spotlight: University of North Texas – David Keathly (Articulation/BAIT)
Other Articulation – Ann Beheler

4:45 PM Social Media – Helen Sullivan and Tricia Conners

5:00 PM Centers’ Collaborative for Technical Assistance (CCTA) – Ann Beheler

5:30 PM Wrap up for the day. Working dinner to follow at Red Room, PRC Campus